Over 30 Years Experience in the Piano Industry


New or old, grand or upright, I can confidently improve the sound and touch of your piano. Your piano benefits from regular service, but if it hasn't been serviced for years, don't worry, let's get started! I also service, repair and rebuild pianola pianos.


Your piano is a complex, sophisticated and very delicate instrument with over 9,000 discrete components. To keep your instrument in the best condition I shall attend to its servicing and tuning with the most diligence, thoughtfulness and personalized attention. I offer expert piano tuning and servicing in Melbourne and regional areas. I am prompt, reliable and highly qualified in all aspects of piano care. I have been a piano tuner and technician servicing pianos for students, teachers, professional musicians, recording studios and concert halls since the 1980s.


Please call me for over the phone advice and estimates. If I am unable to take your call, please leave a message and I will get back in touch with you as soon as I am able. Alternatively, please email me on the link below.


I offer a flat, $180 tuning fee, and this will cover many of the minor repairs and adjustments as well.

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Player Piano Servicing (Pianolas)




QRS Pianomation Installation and Servicing