Pianolas and Pianomation

I have been servicing and rebuilding pianolas for over 25 years. Piano rolls are still being made today by QRS and can be purchased locally through QRS Australia. The materials for rebuilding pianolas is still available. If your pianola is in need of tuning, servicing or rebuilding, please contact me.

Today's player piano entertainment systems are based on solenoids and plungers that are computer-activated to move the keys. The design and construction of the solenoids and plungers is a key differentiator between brands of player piano systems and an important consideration when choosing your entertainment system. Pianomation has long been considered the "gold standard" in the industry for player piano technology, and with good reason. PNOmation player piano systems use specially designed solenoids and plungers that eliminate problems commonly found in competitive player piano systems.Plungers are made using a non-stick coating that minimizes friction and wear and are precision fit for tightness, to eliminate the potential for mechanical noise and rattling in your player piano system.Superior engineering and watch dog circuitry eliminate the risk of hot or overheated solenoids that can dry out the action parts of the piano.Plunger throw distance is adjustable on a solenoid-by-solenoid basis to perfectly match the distance that each individual key travels, ensuring your player piano system delivers unparalleled sound control and more musical expression.