What You Ought To Know To Ensure Right and Proper Care Of Your Piano. 

Just like any other favorite possession, the longevity of your piano depends on the amount of care you put into it. There are certain proper ways and improper techniques to clean and care for your piano. Here are answers to frequently asked questions for piano care.


How Often Should I Tune My Piano?

It is recommended pianos be tuned every six months or once a year at the least. If the piano is played frequently, it might need to be tuned more often. Additionally, it is imperative that you get your piano tuning done by a professional and experienced technician.


What Is The Best Way To Care  For The Cabinet Of My Piano?

If your piano cabinet needs only a light clean, opt for dusting the piano lightly with a feather duster rather than the damp and dry piece of flannel cloth. If your piano cabinet needs more intensive cleaning, then take two soft pieces of clothes. Wet one and leave the other dry. Proceed to wring the wet piece of cloth to remove the maximum amount of water. Now, wipe the piano cabinet with straight strokes rather than circular strokes. Immediately after that, you should wipe the piano with dry cloth and again, avoid circular strokes. Never wipe the piano cabinet with a dry cloth initially. Certain piano owners (a few of my friends) frequently ask me if they can use furniture polish on their piano cabinet. You should never use furniture polish on your piano cabinet. No matter the type of furniture polish, it may contaminate the wood of your piano cabinet. In fact, it may make your piano cabinet more prone to scratching.


Can I Use Bleach To Whiten my Piano Keys?

Don’t ever think about using bleach or any other household cleaner to whiten your piano keys. It will be more destructive for them rather than being constructive and making them look good. If your keys are badly stained, it’s better to seek the advice of a qualified and experienced piano technician because nobody knows the sensitivity of your piano keys better. However, if your piano is looking dull, then there are many polishing products specifically manufactured to improve your piano finishes. You should buy one for your particular piano after seeking the advice of a reliable piano technician. Expert Piano Tuning and Servicing is a reliable and highly professional piano tuning service. Whether you are seeking just a piece of piano care advice or you need a piano tuning service, it’s just a call away from you.